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Audio Resources for Respiratory Sounds

From Loyola University Medical School, Chicago
From the University of California at Lost Angeles
From East Tennessee State University
From Merck Manuals Online Medical Library

Health Widgets

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator  >>>>
  • Body Weight Simulator  >>>>
  • Infection and Infection Control Resources  >>>>

Medical Terminology

Resources for understanding medical terminology >>>>


Resources for understanding metabolism>>>>


Resources for understanding and applying health and medical statistics
Resources for UAE and international health statistics

Thorax Resources (MSC1, Unit 5) >>>>

Evaluating Resources

Resources for Evaluating Information Sources on the Internet
National Library of Medicine Checklist of Questions for Evaluating Internet Health Information
NML Tutorial for Identifying Scholarly Literature
Helpful web sites for identifying scholary and peer-reviewed journals


Academic Search Complete

Accessing ACP Journal Club
Locating a Particular Journal


ebrary Training Video
ebrary Tutorial

Evidence Based Medicine/Practice Tutorials

Evidence Based Practice Tutorial (from the University of Washington School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine)
Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial: An Interactive Case Scenario (from the University of California at Irvine)
How to Form an Answerable Clinical Question (a tutorial by the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center)
NML PICO Tutorial

Evaluation of Resources Tutorials

NML Tutorial for Identifying Scholarly Literature
Resources for Evaluating Information Sources on the Internet

Medical Terminology

Understanding Medical Words: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine


How to access and search LWW Doodys 2009 Essential Titles (an e-book collection)

PubMed / Medline / MeSH

Inter-relationship of Medline, MeSH, and PubMed
PubMed Online Training -Various tutorials from the U.S. National Library of Medicine PubMed Web Site
Searching PubMed with MeSH -tri-fold handout in PDF, February 2011), from the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Branching Out: The MeSH Vocabulary -video from the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Elements of a MeSH Record
Elements of a PubMed Citation
PubMed Stopwords


Tutorial on how to navigate Science Online -Searching  Tips
Boolean Operators - Tutorial from the Library of CQ University, Australia
Boolean Searches - Tutorial from Lake Land College Library, Matoon, IL, USA

Using and Locating Print Resources

Reading Call Numbers Assigned to NML Materials
Parts of a Book

Health Sciences Tutorials

The Life and Death of a Neuron -From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Gut: The Inner Tube of Life - from Science
Coffee Break -Tutorials for NCBI Tools from National Center for Biotechnology Information
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